Friday, August 5, 2011


This past week has been different. Rather than "busy with a single purpose," as has been the previous few weeks, this week has kind've been a collection of a whole slew of mini-tasks getting done in rapid progression.

The week started out with a couple days that served to wrap up the past month. Our artists spent those first couple of days working on polishing aircraft for placement in the game as well as development of a presentation to give to art staff members. Their presentation went well, and I think it was really pretty beneficial to us, as it gave us a couple areas we as producers could improve in, in terms of providing certain kinds of information.

The rest of the week, in terms of mission development, has been kind've a holding pen. While last week we did have representatives travel to meet with the client, we didn't have a chance to glean a lot from the feedback until late in the week. As a result, we got to spend a lot of this week catching up on matters of documentation and organization, which I think can benefit us a lot as we do move forward into polishing old missions and creating new ones.

Next week is going to present its own new set of challenges. I'll have to work to combine three missions into one for a deliverable at the end of the week/beginning of the next, and there'll be a lot of polish that goes into making these presentable.

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