Monday, August 22, 2011

Week XIX

This past week was a bit of a come-down from the week prior - not in terms of enjoyment, or excitement, but in terms of time spent. And I'm definitely okay with that, as the week prior was a bit of a bear. It's also my penultimate week here as an intern!

A lot of this week was preparation for a presentation I had to give on Friday. One of our requirements (as alluded to in the week twelve post) is to present to interested students and faculty a breakdown of what we've been doing all the time in our lab. This presentation is more substantial than the month three presentation I gave, and it gave a bit of my personal post-mortem on the project (so far, given that it's not entirely done). The presentation went well enough, and I got to touch base with a couple of my classmates who had been working in parallel internships, see what they had done, etc.

As far as the project, we keep moving forward. Our target of Mission 1 was met, and now our new target is Mission 2. We've spent some time fleshing out the second mission, and even fleshed-out it is less lengthy than the first, so it should be a little easier to manage in terms of completion. Next week we have to both buckle down on mission two and prepare an executive presentation for some of our stakeholders. It should be an auspicious last week to go out on!

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