Monday, August 1, 2011

Week Sixteen

The sixteenth week of my internship was a busy one. This has been a trend over the past couple of weeks, and I don't begrudge it - it's been fun working to push out content in addition to plans. We had a lot of work done from the week prior, but of the six missions we had to deliver, only three were close to complete - the other three were either not fully started or less than halfway done.

This wasn't a huge deal, of course - the reason for a lot of the slow start was that all of the people working on the missions had to learn the tools over the course of the month, and of course this necessitated a bit of lag time. We did run in to a pretty big roadblock, though, in that the day we were putting these missions together for delivery, one of the missions appeared to only work on the computer it was designed on (it used special software for its design, and it looked like its performance was constrained by the presence of that software). I ended up having to kick out a more "proof-of-concept" build of that mission in a couple hours, rather than the whole mission. So while it did get in the way of what we wanted to deliver, it was fun working in that kind of time pressure.

And we did manage to successfully deliver our missions, which was and is our measure of success. I know that I have more refinement to do on the missions I put together, but for the past month I know I've had a lot of fun learning a new set of tools and doing some world-building and designing along with my production responsibilities.

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