Monday, June 13, 2011


The tenth week of my internship is an auspicious one, if for no other reason than that it marks the half-way point of my internship. As mentioned last week, this week was a reduction in capacity; however, I still managed to find my way into the lab to work on a couple things.

The big subject this week was that we were running smack into a build deadline. This wasn't a hugely stress-inducing deadline, since we were running pretty well on schedule, but the inevitability of any deadline is a little bit of rush. I did need to stay around a little longer than normal on a couple of days, but it was relatively stress-free and rewarding to get done.

One thing that was folded into the development of our first prototype build was a large section of scratch audio for voiceovers. Since we're working with a proof-of-concept build, one of the other interns and I sat down for about an hour or so and recorded the dialogue ourselves, which is always a little bit of fun. The dialogue is slightly ridiculous, but when the real goal is just to have some sound in there, there's no problem with having a bit of fun with it.

This upcoming week promises to be similar in nature to this past week. We still have to take care of some deliverable polishing in the front half of the week, and I'm still on a pretty reduced capacity thanks to my class. I'm looking forward to pushing through this week, though, because not only will it be a good test of my flexibility, but it represents the last week I really have to focus on multiple fronts (class and internship) for the duration of my time here.

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