Monday, July 25, 2011

Week XV

Week fifteen was a notable week in that it was a high-water mark in terms of importance of deliveries. While we did have the delivery of a prototype about a month ago, this week marked the push towards a set of deliveries that was about five times as large as the single prototype. To ice that particular cake, we also had to present these to our primary stakeholders on Friday. All in all, it was a lot to cover in a compressed timeframe.

I think we managed ourselves relatively well. Despite losing a day of capacity on Tuesday, we managed to get some relatively-polished (albeit incomplete) art for the first few missions. We're up to the point where we've got some high-detail models done without textures, and just recently our artists sat down to work out their pipeline for getting assets in-game. We have one in with a limited degree of success, and hopefully by the end of next week we should have all the rest. I'm looking forward to seeing the culmination of their efforts.

We also managed to push through a few playable missions, despite the missions not being tracked for completion until this upcoming Wednesday. We were all able to sit down and brief our stakeholders on our mission design, but I think what really sold it was our ability to put a couple into their hands and let them play through. That also provided us with a valuable opportunity to hear some very direct, very specific feedback that'll let us improve on our mission designs all the more.

This upcoming week should be pretty busy, given the amount of deadlines we have coming up, but having put that high-importance presentation behind us, I think I can look forward to this next week, especially since we will be able to start seeing the effort bear some nice-looking fruit.

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