Friday, April 15, 2011

Week v.3

Week three has seen a little more of the refining of focus I know that I was hoping for in previous weeks.

This week has seen further refinement to the story design portion of the NFA project. It's been fun to get the chance to be a little bit creative, and it's been neat to see how our team's individual strengths are combining, Captain-Planet-style, to contribute to the overall story picture. You see, last week we were working on creating, individually, one-third of the six potential plot lines for the missions experience. As mentioned last week, we each (the three interns working on this specific task) created our portions in a manner that highlighted our respective backgrounds. What this led to this week was a tasking to add to each of each others' stories in the manner that we created our own: One of us is working on fleshing out character backgrounds, while another is working on character dialogue, while another is working on overall plotting. It will be neat to see how our stories are transformed by collective input.

We've also finally got some additions to the NFA team - additions that will be eventually responsible for actual content creation, instead of the overall design and documentation roles we are filling as producers. This has given us a chance to create some usable documentation with a direct design purpose, rather than more structural or conceptual documentation. Lots of this documentation will be used to determine exactly what needs to be created to prove some of the core concepts for the missions of the project, and we'll spend a lot more time refining exact details of the first mission, which is being used as a testbed for this.

As we move into next week, my hope is that we'll finally be able to nail down some of the exact specifications of this first mission - we have a limited timeframe to complete this, and I think it's possible, but we're still looking for some answers. Here's to finding them!

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