Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week the First

For the uninitiated, this blog is a fun little prerequisite to my successful graduation from my current degree program, courtesy of the internship opportunity that takes the place of my capstone project here. "Here" is, again for the unfamiliar, Full Sail U. in Orlando, Florida, and I am Peter Thompson, GDMS student extraordinaire (or so I tell myself).

While it is always a dangerous thing to assume too much about what is to take place over the course of future events, at the current time it appears as though much of my internship - a five-month endeavor - will be filled with work on the National Flight Academy.

Over the past week, we've had a bit of fun - this project looks like a truly interesting project, and as someone who's always been fascinated by the idea of flight and has always been excited with, or at least amused by, flight simulators, it's shaping up to be something right up my alley.

Last weekend, our - and this is Matt Howard and myself, the two newly inducted interns - first introduction to the NFA project was a tedious bit of audio transcription. It is always worth a laugh to put free-flowing conversation to paper, but, as my grandmother has always said, "too much joy is sorrow" - and in this case, there were about six hours of joy (which, in case you were wondering, at least toes the line of "too much"). No real complaints, though - I'm not laboring under any delusions re: the nature of an internship.

While this week has largely been focused on acclimating to participation in both a class and another full-time (insomuch as 20hr/week can be considered "full-time") project, today is looking to be an interesting project. We get to flex our authorial muscles a little by trying our hands (and pens therein, or, to be more contemporary, keyboards thereunder) at writing out some of the scenarios used to link all of the missions in the NFA together (for clarification, reader, see the above-posted link). It'll be fun, or, barring that, at least creatively tedious.

Until next time.

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